Glastonbury 2017 Ticket Resale : Get Yours


Glastonbury 2017 will take place at Worthy Farm from 21st-25th June, 2017 (with the main stages open 23rd-25th June). Following the sales on 6th and 9th October, tickets have now Sold Out.

It is one of the most stressful mornings for some people, but anyone who missed out on their Glastonbury Festival 2017 ticket in the initial sale will be waiting with baited breath for another go at the resale.

Speculation online has suggested it could well be before the Easter weekend but the official festival Twitter account has stepped in.

Their Official Twitter handle Tweeted this :

When is the resale?

At some point in April. Friday is the cut-off date for current ticket holders to pay off the rest of their balance, if they don’t, they will be put up for sale again. The exact date is yet to be confirmed.

So how do I get a ticket in the resale?

The resale is made up of tickets returned between April 1 and April 7, from those ticket holders who actually GAVE UP the chance to go to the festival. We guess circumstances can change…

But the point is, that means we don’t know how many tickets will be up for the resale exactly. Just like when tickets go on sale in the autumn though, we know however many it is, they will sell out fast.

These tickets will be offered over a period of two days in April 2017. You will, however, have to pay the full amount if you manage to get a ticket this way – there’s no deposit scheme available.

How much are tickets?

Tickets have gone up by £10 this year: it’s now £238 + £5 in booking fees.

How to get tickets in the resale

1) Try to get as many people involved as you can
It’s not hard – but obviously the more people you have trying to get tickets for your group, the higher chance of success you’re likely to have. If you and your mates all give it a go, and you organise yourself – the chance of bagging some tickets is far higher.

2) Get organised
Your tickets for the festival are not guaranteed until payment is completed and you’ve received a confirmation email, so speed is obviously important. If you have all the the registration numbers and postcodes for yourself and the other people you wish to buy for, organised in a separate word document – then all it’ll take is a quick copy and paste, as opposed to scrambling around for details.

3) Keep trying 

As seen in October’s rapid sell-out, they go mighty quick. The festival will announce on social media when tickets have sold out. But it is worth to keep trying even after the announcement is made, as failed purchases for other people will mean tickets go back on sale very briefly.

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