Glastonbury Line Up 2016: Brief Review

Glastonbury Festival,the five day long festival of music,camping, culture and Performing arts taking place at Worthy farms, Somerset Province had always makes the headlines though the history. It is rare that some headlines act announced backfired. ya, we are talking about Kanye West here.

Glastonbury Line Up 2016 seems a little different as the entire line up  is warmly welcomed to the festival by music lover across United Kingdom irrespective of the fact that they got tickets or not.

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It can not be easy to meet so many people with the last year’s event attracting about 135,000 people. Anticipation is always high as rumors fly through the media, since the increase until the announcement of events begins. What the artist is touring where? Who releasing an album when? No matter what, it seems that someone will be disappointed or unhappy with what the selection is made.

Coldplay was the first headline act to be announced for this year’s event, it is certainly not the best start Eavis. In short, many people hate Coldplay … passionately. Besides that, this is his fourth time headlining (2002, 2005 and 2011). Fans through social networks clamored for someone new.

Weeks later, Muse is announced for the second headlining slot, another act that has appeared on the Pyramid stage twice before. This had fans wondering where the alternative or headliner of the old school would be coming.

So the question was quickly answered with Adele being announced as head final poster, send to Twitter in about fusion. He claims that his style is not suitable for Glastonbury and questions about its ability to keep the crowd spread like wildfire.

On Tuesday, the remaining line up was announced and many fell. Despite being filled with a number of “names”, including the likes of ELO, Beck, Jeff Lynne Disclosure, Ellie Goulding, LCD Soundsystem, PJ Harvey, madness and Stormzy, fans were not best pleased.

Reading the complete line, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at the lineup for Wireless Reading and Leeds festival or not of Glastonbury. It is also fair to say that the top of the bill that lacks a certain school of rock-and-roll age environment, especially when compared with the previous guest artists like the Rolling Stones or The Who. Perhaps an act like The Stone Roses, replacing Muse or Coldplay have been a better idea?

Moreover, many legends slot has not lived up to expectations. Jeff Lynne of ELO is definitely worth playing the slot, and Mr. Blue Sky will be sung by all attendees. However, with the likes of Dolly Parton and Lionel Richie previously filled the slot and some would argue stealing the show, the reaction of Jeff Lynne of ELO could be considered reasonable.

Yes, it’s probably unfair to compare the current line and headliners to the above, but it is almost impossible not to. Most people who received tickets when they went on sale have spent months see clips from previous years on YouTube and discussion to see with their friends. Expectations are very high of course, and so it should be for the price that people pay.

That said, not everyone is disappointed or unhappy with the lineup, and there are a lot of positive things. Both Coldplay and Muse have an excellent reputation for great live bands.

Adele is of course a vocal power and most likely be on their game to prove evil enemies. Let us not forget Kanye West got a big backlash of hatred, but as a whole was very well received at night.

Further down the list, it acts like Madness are universally popular among all age groups and provide a great atmosphere crowd. Including acts as Stormzy and Skepta, at least Glastonbury can not be accused of playing too safe.

Stopping only the reaction of Twitter, you would have to say this year’s lineup is a failure, however, the payment window for those entries opens on April 1 and closes at 23:59 on 7 April. It will be interesting to see how many go on resale, that is, some decided not to pay for your ticket. As for me, I’ll be pitching my tent on June 22 somewhere near the Pyramid Stage … in the sun (hopefully).

Glastonbury Line up 2016 brief Review.

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