Glastonbury Tickets Resale 2016

Glastonbury Ticket Resale

Tickets Resale for Glastonbury 2016

The official Website of Glastonbury Festival acknowledged about the Resale ticket :

The Tickets went on resale on 17th April 2016 and were sold out in just 13 Minutes. Thank you to every single person who bought one , and we are sorry for those who are unable to secure a ticket for themselves. The demand Once again beats the supply.

We have given all our visitors a fair idea of when the resale of tickets is expected in this article. Glastonbury Tickets 2016.

It was announce last week, the resale of Cancelled/Refunded tickets will held on 14th and 17th of April 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Tickets Resale

What is Tickets Resale?

The balance payment is to be made in the available window given, if the Balance payment is not settled for any ticket in that window then those tickets will be cancelled and will be available in resale. This will Include General Admission Tickets, Coach as well as the Ticket Packages.

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When is Resale of Glastonbury Ticket 2016?

The Resale of coach packages had taken place on 14th April 2016.

The Resale for the General Admission Tickets was held on 17th April 2016.

Where can i Buy a Ticket?

The Resale will only take place on the official Partner See Tickets.

How many Tickets can be Bought in the Resale?

You can buy 4 tickets maximum per transaction but remember that you can not book not more than one ticket per Registration. If You want to buy a ticket for a friend of yours or family member then you will need their registration number along with their registered postcodes.

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You can buy only 2 coach packages tickets per transaction.

Do I have to Pay the Full Balance In the Resale?

Yes, You have to pay the full balance of the Ticket in the resale as the deposit policy will not be available in the resale.

Do we Need to be registered for the Resale?

Yes, Everyone for whom you want to book a tickets should be registered. If you are already registered then their will be no need to register again and you can simply look for your previous registration and use it’s details to book a tickets in resale as well.

If I book a coach package Do i have to travel on the Coach?

Yes, For coach packages you will only get your coach tickets in advance and your Entry tickets to the festival will be handed out on the Coach.

If You are not sure that you will be able to travel by coach then you should not book a Coach Package.

Can i book a Campervan, Tipi or Car Park Ticket?

Car park Tickets were available in the resale held on 17th April 2016. Any Campervan and Tipi Cancellation will immediately go on sale just after the General Admission Tickets Resale.

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Can I still buy a water bottle in the Resale?

Yes, All the taps available across the festival provide safe and hygienic drinking water and this year we are working with water Aid and Raw Foundation to forge reusable 532ml stainless steel bottle.

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