The Common Reveals Line Up:Glastonbury 2016

The common stage line up Glastonbury 2016

The Common Line Up for Glastonbury 2016

The Common Stage made its presence felt in the South East Corner of the Worthy Farms in Glastonbury Festival. This Stage is Popular for its late Night entertainment as if it comes to life only in dark. It has a number of caves, Tribal Temples, The ritual of throwing paint, amazing waterfalls, Tomato fights , Celtic Festival of Dead and incredible live Music. Enjoy The Cave .The Rum Shack. The Temple.The common line up for Glastonbury Festival is interesting and entertaining.

The Line up poster is revealed on 29th April 2016. Here are some famous Artists Performing on the “The Common Stage“.

  1. Delta Heavy
  2. Sub Focus
  3. The Upbeats
  4. Dub Phizix & Strategy
  5. Stanton Warriors
  6. Funtcase ft. Krafty MC
  7. LoadStar
  8. The Freestylers
  9.  Perc & Truss
  10. My Nu Leng & Dread MC
  11. Cookie Monsta
  12. Aphrodite ft. Junior Red
  13. DrumSound and Bassline Smith ft. Youngman
  14. Diskord
  15. Kasra & Foreign Concept presents Critical SoundSystem
  16. Serum
  17. Vinyl Junkie
  18. Jerome Hill
  19. Filthy Habits
  20. Sunil Sharpe
  21. Blanderunner
  22. Jim Bitch
  23. FreeRange DJs
  24. Rachael EC
  25. DJ Chanpion
  26. ColdCut
  27. Ben UFO B2B Job Jobse
  28. Midland B2B Palms Trax
  29. Mungos Hi-Fi
  30. Congo In Dub
  31. Jinx In Dub
  32. Standard & Push
  33. Kate Tempest
  34. Pyro (Desert Storm)
  35. Mau Mau (DJ)
  36. Jolly & Sads
  37. Jhon Fairhurst
  38. Skittles
  39. Duchess DJs
  40. Shlomo
  41. Wonka & Syn
  42. Eska
  43. Too Many T’s
  44. Bad Girlz
  45. Lyrix Gecko
  46. De Saturne
  47. DJ Fred
  48. Becca  D
  49. Kojey Radical
  50. Tongue Fu
  51. Speech Debelle
  52. Playhead(DJ)
  53. Jenna & the G’s
  54. Mike Skinner (DJ)
  55. GooseFace KillAh
  56. The Beatbox Collective
  57. Renegade Brass Band
  58. Banoffee pies
  59. Steve Bedlam and Family
  60. Bearded Kitten All Stars
  61. Lyrix Organix Sub:System
  62. Natty Speaks

The Temple on Saturday Special Talk by


David Nutt & Graham Hancock

The common stage line up for Glastonbury 2016 is revealed after the Glastonbury Festival’s The common Official Trailer is released for year 2016.

This is a one-off experience not to be missed. Get there Wednesday for Copper Dollar and the Rum Shack kick-offs, or Thursday for the Temple and Cave opening rituals.

The Line Up poster Revealed by the common is here:

The common stage Line Up for Glastonbury 2016

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